==> #DTs delirium tremens [[begin]]=><= [[I can’t stop the shaking.]]=><= my whole body is shivering. my heart is pounding. I think there are pauses in the beat. [[my head…]]=><= I am sweating like a pig. so thirsty. [[where am I?]]=><= so bright. sand. I feel sand. I seem to be lying on my back. [[try to get up.]]=><= right. no legs. so thirsty. I can’t stop the shaking. [[it’s so hard to see.]]=><= squinting really hard now. storm. there is a storm. on the horizon. sand in every direction. I wish I would stop [[shaking]].=><= how did I get here. I am terrified. so thirsty. my heart. wait, I hear [[something]].=><= //ticking.// can’t stop the shaking. somehow I manage to fumble it out of my pocket. [[a pocket watch. rusty.->rusty.]]=><= I can hear it ticking. but the hands do not move. it seems to be looking at me. there is something attached to it. [[a chain.]]=><= my hands are too slippery. I let it fall into the sand. the pocket watch lands on its legs. it has eight legs. the chain is now a tail. [[it has a stinger on it.]] =><= the scorpion looks at me. it is still ticking. “welcome,” it says. [[“welcome to hell.”]]=><= I ask the scorpion-watch if I am dead. it blurts out a laugh. “hah!” my heart skips a beat. “no, not yet,” it says. [[“you did this to yourself, you know.”]]=><= the storm got bigger. I can hear it now. [[coming closer.]] =><= “what do you remember?” the scorpion-watch asks, pointing its stinger at me. the shaking. thirst. [[my tounge hurts.]]=><= “you’ve bitten yourself during a seizure.” it is taunting me. I can’t talk. the shaking gets worse. [[darkness.]]=><= “you blacked out again. that was another one.” “remember anything yet?” I am… I was, a soldier. a soldier, until I lost my legs. [[thirsty.]]=><= “yes.” “and then you started drinking,” “and you never stopped.” the scorpion-watch is still ticking. the storm is still getting bigger. [[I am still shaking.]]=><= “do you know where you are?” we’re in a desert hellscape, you dumb insect. “no. you are in a hospital.” [[“they are trying to save you.”]] =><= lies. save me. shivering. [[shaking.]]=><= they've put me in this desert, to kill me. the scorpion-watch looks at me. [[“this isn’t the first time we’ve met.”]]=><= “you’ve been here many times.” it keeps pausing. “too many times.” [[“this will be your last.”]]=><= “you have brain damage.” “it’s called ‘kindling’.” “but you wouldn’t listen.” [[“I feel bad for you.”]]=><= I don't need your pit— “this whole thing,” it interrupts me. “this place.” “the sandstorm.” [[“me, even. just a hallucination.”]]=><= [[“you might live, though.”]]=><= “you might live or you might die.” “you’re bound to a wheelchair anyway.” [[“it won’t make a difference.”]]=><= why are you telling me this. “because you don’t have a choice.” “you live or you die.” [[“maybe you died a long time ago.”]]=><= “…” [[my head.]]=><= “…” [[my chest.]]=><= “…” [[my hands.]]=><= “…” [[I can’t stop the—]]=><= [[the storm.]]=><= [[“goodbye.”]]=><= [[—shaking…]]=><= THE END [[restart->start]]=><= [[arrived.]]