A Game By Its Cover

Game Jam

A Game By Its Cover was originally a game development competition born out of the TIGSource community back in 2010. The objective was to take fictional game cartridge artwork submitted to the annual My Famicase Exhibition, and use it as inspiration to turn it into actual games. Matt Sephton organized another competition in 2012 but sadly had to stop after that because of time constraints.

Being a huge fan of the idea I always wanted to resurrect it, which I finally did this year. With Matt's permission I relaxed the format a bit (I took out the competitive aspect) and set up a jam page on itch.io while Dom made the nice banner artwork you can see above. In the end 45 games were submitted to the jam.

You can view and play them all for free on itch.io.

I want to turn this into an annual thing, so we will probably be hosting another one next year. If you're interested you should follow @AGBICjam for updates, and keep an eye on the #AGBIC hashtag.


The My Famicase Exhibition


Daruma Studio's Far Above The Moon was the inspiration for…


…Andrew Wang's Far Beneath The Stars

Press Coverage

AGBIC and some of the games submitted to the jam got covered on various outlets:

Selected Projects